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Good commercial kitchen extraction systems are a vital part of complying with health and safety regulations in Aylesford.

As a cornerstone of keeping a commercial kitchen safe, extraction canopies and other similar systems are a must-have for many commercial kitchen spaces.

We are a team of commercial kitchen ventilation system experts who understand the value of reliable commercial kitchen extraction systems.

We work closely with clients to deliver commercial kitchen canopies and other systems that can protect employees and customers alike during the cooking process.

If you are looking to have a new kitchen extraction system installed in Aylesford, please make sure to contact our experts today for a free quote.

Why Choose Us?

As experts in our field, we offer many years of experience working with countless kinds of commercial kitchen extraction systems in Aylesford. Our many cases of previous work with past clients have resulted in a long list of five-star testimonials for our work, ensuring that we get the best options supplied every single time.

We can manufacture and supply a huge variety of commercial kitchen extraction systems, each of which can be an essential part of your cooking processes. Our attentive and experienced team know how to deliver ventilation systems that stand the test of time.

Our high-quality work enables us to offer a range of extractor fans, extraction canopies and other elements of extraction systems at a high standard of performance. We work hard to deliver kitchen extraction systems at a fair price, no matter how complex they get.

Each of our extraction and ventilation systems is manufactured to suit the client’s needs. Our team knows how to follow health and safety regulations to the letter and deliver ventilation across a wide range of commercial kitchen extraction system types in Aylesford.


Our past work with kitchen ventilation systems has earned us a variety of professional accreditations and testimonies. Our services are well-respected, and we work hard to ensure that every system we work with is manufactured to the same standards of quality as everything else we produce.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Fan Cost Aylesford

On average, the cost of supplying and installing kitchen extraction systems can vary from between £450 to £1,800, not including VAT.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Fan Cost Aylesford

This is quite a wide range since many different commercial kitchen extraction systems use completely separate designs in Aylesford.

Some factors that can raise the cost of commercial kitchen extraction systems include:

  • The total size of the kitchen extraction systems
  • The amount of space that the ventilation system has to cover
  • Any extra costs associated with installing the ventilation system, such as having to make holes in existing walls
  • The amount of extraction canopy elements, extractor fans and other core parts that the project needs
  • The complexity of the kitchen ventilation system
  • Additional features, like improved filtration or extra fans
  • Any extra requirements that need to be followed under health and safety regulations, such as adding specific filters or gas interlocks
  • The overall cost of trying to install the kitchen extraction systems, including material prices and the cost of extra required steps

Benefits of Kitchen Ventilation

Our commercial kitchen extraction systems in Aylesford are manufactured for the most reliable extraction possible, using a variety of different ventilation methods depending on the situation.

We work to supply the best possible commercial kitchen ventilation system options available, tailoring each system to the client’s needs.

Typical commercial kitchen extraction systems are designed to follow specific safety regulations, but they can also have their own specific benefits over simply keeping a window open. These include:

Eliminates Odours

Proper extraction via commercial extractor fans ensures that odours will not linger in the kitchen in Aylesford, eliminating bad smells.

The ability to smell the currently-cooking food can be an essential part of cooking, so an extraction canopy can be vital for preventing interference from lingering smells.

Improved Air Quality

A good commercial kitchen ventilation system can deliver greater air quality, making working conditions more comfortable while also removing harmful or interfering fumes.

This ranges from steam and smoke to tainted air and gas, ensuring a nicer and safer working environment.

Removes Grease

Most extraction canopies are able to remove grease, steam, smoke, and other odours or disruptive elements from the air while you cook.

While filters will need to be replaced eventually, extraction canopy and fan systems can ensure fewer issues with grease or other waste products.

Controls Kitchen Temperature

Carefully constructed commercial extractor fans and extraction canopy units allow for better temperature control.

This means that a well-made commercial kitchen extraction canopy can allow for ventilation without interference from external temperatures.

Beyond that, many commercial kitchen extraction canopy systems can regulate internal temperatures, letting the system maintain optimal conditions for cooking.

Legal Requirements for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial extractor fans and other ventilation system options are a requirement for commercial kitchens, making them a must-have.

An adequate ventilation system is essential for commercial kitchen compliance with relevant health and safety regulations.

Types of Commercial Kitchen Hoods

There are multiple types of commercial kitchen extraction systems to choose from, and our team can deliver bespoke solutions no matter your needs.

Types of Commercial Kitchen Hoods Aylesford

In general, there are two kinds of hoods used by commercial kitchen spaces – grease hoods and condensate hoods.

Type 1 – Grease Hoods

Grease hoods are commercial kitchen canopies designed to remove heat, condensation, smoke and grease from the air during cooking.

These are generally installed above boilers, deep-fat fryers, ovens, or anything else that produces grease.

These systems are used to extract grease and other substances through the air and are often complemented by make-up air systems to avoid the risk of limited breathable air in a busy kitchen.

Type 2 – Condensate Hoods

Condensate hoods are used to remove steam, heat, vapour, moisture and odours from appliances that do not naturally produce grease.

This includes coffee machines, certain oven types, dishwashers, and various other suitable cooking equipment types.

A condensate extraction system keeps the cooking space comfortable, removing excess heat so that employees can use the catering equipment safely during the course of a workday.

Heat Removal Hood

A heat removal hood is a hood specifically designed for removing heat from a commercial kitchen, usually to suit hotter catering equipment that produces a lot of excess heat.

Ventless Hood

Ventless hoods “recycle” air rather than fully extracting air.

These filters and fans are meant to “clean up” parts of a kitchen without needing a connection to vents or ductwork, making them a smaller-scale secondary choice of commercial kitchen canopy

Fire Suppression Systems

Some extraction system options double as fire suppression systems, quickly releasing water or wet chemical agents whenever the catering equipment beneath it catches fire.

If you are in need of a fire suppression system at your commercial kitchen, please make sure to contact our experts today.

What is a Kitchen Extraction System?

A kitchen extraction system is a piece of equipment used to remove airborne greases, odours, and other impurities from a commercial kitchen.

This is used as both a health and safety risk removal tool and a way to keep a kitchen more comfortable.

what is kitchen extraction system Aylesford

Many of these systems are mounted directly above catering equipment as extraction canopies, allowing the airborne byproducts to be ventilated out. Another system will often supply fresh air to replace what was removed.

Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Kitchen extraction equipment should be cleaned at least every 12 months. Cleaning these systems ensures that the fans and filters function well, leading to better air quality.

This also prevents anything from causing problems within the ventilation system, such as a dead creature releasing gas and germs into the fans.

Regular cleaning ensures that extraction canopies and extractor fans can function correctly in the long term.

Regular cleaning is also often a requirement by the Health and Safety Executive and, by extension, local authorities. Not maintaining your ventilation system means potential health and safety risks in the future.


kitchen extraction systems Aylesford

What is the Best Type of Extractor Fan Kitchen?

Ducted extractor fan systems are often considered to be the best kitchen extractor fans.

They easily comply with the Health and Safety Executive regulations and are recommended in commercial areas.

Is It Illegal to Not Have Commercial Extractor Fans in a Kitchen UK?

Buildings in the UK need at least one extractor hood in a kitchen, with commercial kitchens within a commercial building being under far more scrutiny.

This varies from building to building based on context and other safety requirements, but some form of ventilation is a legal requirement either way.

How Often Should Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems Be Cleaned?

Your extraction system should be cleaned at least once every 12 months at a minimum.

Certain kinds of extraction canopies and filters may need more regular cleaning to remain consistently effective.

What is Adequate Ventilation?

Adequate levels of ventilation mean that a room has enough ventilation to remove fumes, vapours, dust, and other interferences at a rate that stops them from being harmful to people within that space.

Do You Need Planning Permission for Kitchen Ventilation Systems?

You will need planning permission from local planning authorities to install or alter kitchen ventilation systems, along with approval from the Health and Safety Executive in many situations.

Major changes to commercial kitchens always require some communication with local planning authorities.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Regulations

Below are listed some of the safety standards and regulations for compliance with commercial kitchen extraction:

  • DW144 – Specification for Metal Ductwork
  • DW172 – Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems
  • NFPA 96 – Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations
  • TR19 – Ductwork Maintenance


We can offer a wide variety of different extraction systems for commercial kitchens, working with any company that needs our services to deliver effective and reliable ventilation options. We keep our prices fair and work closely with clients to ensure maximum quality every time.

If you want to know more about what we can offer your company, don’t hesitate to explore our website or contact us through our website contact page to learn more.

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